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Effective ways to reverse diabetes

Usha Mishra is in her mid-40s and also suffering from diabetes. Her HbA1C count was at 11.9 which showed very high blood sugar levels. She also used insulin injections daily. Thankfully, this was her condition one year back. In present day Usha has completely reversed the diabetes, she has stopped all her insulin injections and her HbA1C level is in the normal range which is under 6.

Usha’s story is an inspiration for those who seriously want to reverse their diabetes. Unfortunately, here in India, around 77 million of the population is suffering from type 2 diabetes and moreover another 72 million people suffering from pre-diabetes symptoms.

A person suffering from diabetes ages almost three times faster than a non-diabetic person. They have thrice the risk of a heart attack. They have twice the risk of kidney issues. The single most evident of blindness is due to diabetes retinopathy.

Having these many unavoidable complications, it is really unfortunate to see that people do not want to eat right and also improve their lifestyle so that they can completely reverse this chronic disease. It has been proven scientifically that diabetes is not a lifelong disease but it is a lifestyle disease.

Surely anyone who wants to make the proper lifestyle changes and is willing to modify their diet, can surely reverse this killer diesease.Here are 5 lifestyle changes that one should incorporate and those 5 steps can become building blocks for reversal of diabetes.


Go For Plant Foods:

 One of the most important changes one can make to their lifestyle is to add more fiber to their diet. People who consume enough fiber can more likely reverse diabetes and also lose weight. Fiber is only found in plant foods like: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. Other than lunch and dinner, maximum people do not consume enough fiber. People should to eat more fiberous foods like papaya, guava, pear, chia seeds, broccoli, drumsticks, and others. When one starts to consume more fiber foods, fasting sugar is seen to reduce withen a couple of weeks.


Avoid unhealthy foods and bad habits:

As important it is to eat more fiber & plant foods, it is also equally important to avoid unhealthy foods like packet foods, deep-fried foods, dairy and maida products. These foods not just lack fiber, antioxidants & phytonutrients but they are also very high in sugar and bad fats. This initiates more inflammation that is the main cause of this lifestyle disease. Bad habits like chewing  pan masala, smoking and regular alcohol consumption will only make diabetes worse.


Intermittent Fasting:

 One easy lifestyle change that has been seen to give instant benefits in reversing diabetes and general good health is having early dinner and after that 14 hours of intermittent fasting. Having dinner late is the most common mistake which people make this leads to poor digestion, obesity and diabetes. Try to finish dinner by 7 or 7.30 pm and then do not eat till 9 am the next morning. Intermittent fasting for 14 hours can quickly reduce fasting sugar and excess weight.


Sleep quality:

 Sleep is one of the most important thing for overall health and diabetes reversal. Timely sleep at night and having a sound sleep of 7 hours is extremely important. If one has poor sleep for a couple of days then this will lead to an increase in fasting blood sugar levels.


Physically active lifestyle:

 A simple habit to walk regularly is a nice way to be physically active. An active lifestyle is strictly related to good health and proper blood sugar levels. In covid times, it has been seen that people are being very stationary but now they can actively focus on an active lifestyle.

In the last 6 years, it has been seen hundreds of individuals have reversed their diabetes like Usha, and one common thing  they all had in them was that they all  changed their lifestyle and habits. So it is proven a number of times that it is our habits that reverses disease and not only diets.

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